7 Benefits Of Using A Humidifier

Whether it is the cold winter months or the harsh summer heat (when your AC is on), you may notice that the air inside your home is dry. According to several researches, dry air leads to many respiratory illnesses and some allergies like eye irritation, cough, cold and itchiness. The optimal levels of humidity should be 30-50 % ideally.

To combat the dry air inside your home, a perfect solution is using a humidifier. Humidifiers are devices that emit water vapors into your room air to keep the air moist – simple isn’t it. If used properly, humidifiers can even improve your indoor air quality.

So what are the potential benefits of a humidifier you ask? Well let’s dive right into it

  1. Help Prevent Diseases

Primary function of the humidifier is to combat dry air inside your rooms. Dry air may lead to itchy skin, cold & flu, sore throat and in worse case scenarios asthma and severe allergies. Keeping your home air moist will help prevent these diseases.

  1. Beneficial for Children

Children are much prone to illness and rashes due to under-developed immunity. A humidifier can benefit the toddlers and kids immensely by keeping their skin moisturized and help keep those runny noses away.

  1. Benefits The Skin

Instead of using expensive and harmful moisturizers on your skin, you should think about installing a good quality humidifier inside your home. It will keep your skin fresh and moist and you need not use the moisturizer incessantly.

  1. Healthy Head And Scalp

Dry air leads to a dry scalp which in turn can lead to itch and dandruff. Your hair & scalp contains collagen which needs proper moisture. Acceptable levels of humidity can help keep your hair healthy and help prevent them from becoming dry and brittle.

  1. Helps calm your nerves

Moisture in itself might not be a calming agent but when the water in humidifier is mixed with essential oils, it can really help with your anxiety and stress. You can even use it during meditation and Yoga. Our suggestion is to invest a good quality humidifier with essential oils.

  1. Good For Your Houseplants

Dry air can kill your indoor plants. A humidifier when properly used can save your plants by moistening their soil and the air.

  1. Reduces Static Electricity

Dry air promotes static electricity, which you may have noticed by touching your fabrics, other people or your pets. Moisture can help alleviate this annoyance.

So you see, a humidifier is not just a trend anymore but quickly becoming a necessary household item. Plus with the variety of models available, you can pick and choose the one that works best for you. A parting thought, always invest in a humidifier that is chemical-free & safe. Also take a note of the scents that you put into the humidifiers, if at all. Some people have allergic reactions to certain scents. Make sure you use essential oil humidifiers as they are natural and perfectly safe to use.