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Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser & Humidifier With LED Night Lamp

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The Best Essential Oil Diffuser with LED light helps you improve Sleep, Stress & Anxiety. This Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser is a must have humidifier for every household.

Essential Oils have been known to help improve Sleep, Stress & Anxiety and their fragrance, makes you Relax and at Peace instantly. 

"Essential Oil Diffuser helps purify your air and moisturize your skin at the same time."

Spread the power of the essential oils all over your house with this high quality Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser with Fogger & LED Night Lamp. Keeps your home or office environment moisturized and healthy.

It looks stunning and makes all other humidifiers obsolete with its killer looks and functionality. Make your neighbors and friends jealous with its beauty.

Features & Benefits:

  • Available in beautiful pink and white colors.
  • Gorgeous LED light adds up to the room ambiance.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Can also be used while you do meditation or yoga to calm yourself down.
  • LED Light can be used as a night light too.
  • Easy charge via USB. Recharge it while working on your laptop.
  • Easy to refill & reuse. High durability
  • Envy of your friends & neighbors.
  • This Essential Oil Humidifier maintains the moisture levels perfectly for better skin.
  • Essential oils benefit your mind and body.
  • Keeps your room fragrant with natural scents.

How To Use Essential Oil Diffuser & Humidifier

  1. Rotate the top to open the water tank.
  2. Add Regular tap water (do not use distilled or purified water).
  3. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the water.
  4. Use USB Cable to charge the Humidifier.
  5. 1-click button to turn on the spray & LED Light and click to turn-off.
  6. Press and hold for 3 seconds to change LED setting & repeat to close.
  7. LED stays on by default for 1 hour while sprayer stays on for 4 hours. 
  8. Breathe in the aroma and calm yourself down.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Video -

Instruction Manual

  1. Please take out the white filter and soak both ends in water for 2 minutes for first time use.
  2. Do not put more than 220 ml of water.
  3. Use 1-2 drops of water-soluble essential oil for optimum results. 
  4. Always clean the water tank and filter regularly to avoid corrosion by essential oil.
  5. Connect power supply using the USB Cable.
  6. Press and hold the switch for 3 seconds to fix the LED light color. Press again for 3 seconds to turn off the LED light.
  7. Default timer for spray is 4 hours and LED light is 1 hour.

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