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Fishing Accessory - fish hook, fish line

160 Pieces Fishing Accessories Kit - Fishing Jigs, Hooks, Weights, Swivels

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Fishing Accessories Kit is a must have for every fishing enthusiast and contains fishing gear like fishing hooks, fishing weights sinker, fishing swivels, fishing line and fishing beads. All these come wrapped in handy and efficient plastic box.

A Total of 160 pcs are included in this box which contains - 

  1. High Quality Fishing Beads - 39 no.'s
  2. Fishing Sinker Weights - 6 pieces
  3. Fishing Jig Hook - 20 pieces
  4. Fishing Sinker Slides - Yellow (10pcs), Red (10pcs), Blue (10pcs)
  5. Fishing Rolling Swivels - 1# - 10 pcs, 2# - 10 pcs, 4# - 10 pcs
  6. FIshing Rolling Swivel Snap - 2# - 10 pcs, 4# - 10 pcs
  7. Fishing Crossline Barrel Swivel - 1# - 5pcs, 2# - 5pcs, 3# - 5pcs
  8. Robust Plastic Box Casing.

Also checkout the attached picture for more information and product appearance.

Get your hands on this handy Fishing Accessory Kit today. 


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