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purple pink yoga wheel
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Professional Yoga Wheel With Non-Slip Design

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Professional Yoga Wheel with non-slip design that can be used for shaping the waist, abs workout, Pilates, Back Training and much more.

Features & Benefits: 

  1. Made up of non-toxic material which is odorless and non-irritating to skin.
  2. Soft and skin friendly material, doesn't hurt your body while using it.
  3. Outer circle has a non-slip pattern which makes it safe and fit to use for any type of exercise.
  4. Perfect design that fits the shape of the back spine.
  5. Highly stable yoga wheel that provides stability to your spine and body.
  6. Many different colors available for all your moods.
  7. Can withstand body weights up to 200 kgs.
  8. You can use it for yoga, dancing, back stretching, abs workout, fitness and bodybuilding.


Size: 33 x 12cm/13.0 x 4.72"  Material: Polypropylene (PP) + Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Bearing Weight: 200 Kgs Product Weight: 1.3 Kgs
Color: Combination of Green, Black, Red, Purple, Pink, Blue Design: Perfectly Fits spine

Yoga wheel Postures

Yoga Postures with Yoga Wheel

Yoga pose using yoga wheel

This yoga wheel can take your yoga practice to the next level. Order yours today.

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